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"It takes only one moment to change your world"
The Foundation is focussed on adolescent children aged from 10 to 18 and people living in socially disadvantaged areas. The objective is to break the cycle of poverty in disadvantaged areas.
The Foundation was formed with the intention of operating as a non for profit charity founded by David Dahm and Health and Life.
The primary objective is to encourage young minds and the community to become aspirational about their future.A key focus is to promote health and financial literacy as a pathway to achieving anything a person wants in life..


This program is a story about ordinary people who have gone from good to great against the odds. The program organises face to face experiences with nspiring role models. The objective is to ensure our future generation lead an inspired education which breaks their own cycle of poverty and poor health and welfare.

The Foundation shines a light on what an inspired education pathway can do to realising one's hopes and dreams in life.
We would love to hear from you! Please contact us on 1800 077 222 or by
e-mail: info@theonemomentfoundation.org.au